International Signs

Learn how to communicate with deaf people of different nationalities.

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Free collection

The first collection is free-of-charge and available to all users.

Big selection of signs

There are over 2.261 signs to learn.

Learning with videos

Easy learning process with videos; also available with a slow motion option.

International signs (IS)

Gestures in the international language represent a universal language, which is widely accepted, but not standardized.

Easy learning

The mobile application, INTERNATIONAL SIGNS, has been developed in response to a desire to overcome communication barriers among deaf members of different nationalities as well as a desire for simple communication.

  • Gestures in the international language represent a universal language, which has not been standardized
  • Intended for beginners who are interested in sign language and would like to learn it
  • Making contact with the deaf in the world more quickly
  • Get to know a different world - a world of silence - and the culture of the deaf
  • New collections and languages are constantly being added
  • Now also with multilanguage support. Translations available in French, Chinese, Turkish, Spanish, Portuguese and German.

Collections of gestures

Collection 1

248 phrases


Collection 1 provides an introduction to International Signs. The users of a country's own sign language will discover how simple IS is.

The topics covered in collection 1 are:

  • Numbers
  • Language
  • Colors
  • Business world myWorld - NEW

Collection 2

468 phrases


This collection covers the Basics. It contains some of the most common basic expressions and includes the greatest number of signs.

The topics covered in collection 2 are:

  • Various signs

Collection 3

218 phrases


This collection covers basic communication in the context of culture and time, as well as sample questions. The questions section addresses common conversations in the context of Education, Health Services, the Gay and Lesbian Population and General Questions. We believe you will find it both interesting and educational.

The topics covered in collection 3 are:

  • Culture
  • Education questions
  • General questions
  • Health services questions
  • LGBT questions
  • Time

Collection 4

242 phrases


In this lesson, you will learn the international signs for individual cities and countries. Discover IS by learning to sign different regions, cities and countries.

The topics covered in collection 4 are:

  • Africa
  • America
  • Asia and the Pacific
  • Cities
  • Europe
  • The Middle East
  • Russia and the new independent states

Collection 5

335 phrases


In this collection you will learn about politics, health, education and technology. Collection covers as well some sample questions.

The topics covered in collection 5 are:

  • Area
  • Education - general
  • Foods
  • General questions 1
  • Health
  • People
  • Politics
  • Technology
  • Time 1

Collection 6

437 phrases


This collection will present gestures about animals, sport and transport. It covers as well some specific words.

The topics covered in collection 6 are:

  • Animals
  • Regularly the words
  • Sports
  • Transports
  • Word of children
  • Word of the WFD

Collection 7

313 phrases


This collection covers gestures on geography. It focuses especially on cities and general vocabulary.

The topics covered in collection 7 are:

  • City state
  • Vocabulary

Story of International signs

Get inspired by the story of learning international signs and how knowledge of international signs can affect on better relationship between people..

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